Hand-port devices and their effectiveness
EAES Online Library, George Hanna, 1428
Cost Effectiveness of hand assisted procedures
EAES Online Library, Willem A Bemelman, 1431
PRO: When is HALS helpful?
EAES Online Library, M. M. Lirici, 1450
Camera driving systems, optimal features and evolution
EAES Online Library, M. M. Lirici, 1449
Safety of electrical Instruments - The Netherlands study
EAES Online Library, Dirk Meijer, 1425
Minimal requirements for cameras and display systems
EAES Online Library, P. Hourlay, 1424
Lighting the operating field
EAES Online Library, Enric Laporte, 1423
Glues: when and for what?
EAES Online Library, C. Gutt, 1422
Alternatives to stapling in bowel anastomosis
EAES Online Library, Amir Szold, 1421
Manual Manipulator; Radius Surgical System
EAES Online Library, Noriyuki Inaki, 1463
Suturing instruments with 7 degrees of freedom Radius
EAES Online Library, Gerhard Buess, 1451
How do I choose my needle holders?
EAES Online Library, Marlies Schijven, 1417
Robotics: ideal for suturing?
EAES Online Library, C. Gutt, 1418
LECTURE: NOTES: a true need for innovative instruments
EAES Online Library, C. Feretis, 1416
Principles of atraumatic graspers
EAES Online Library, Jenny Dankelman, 1413
Clipless lap procedures
EAES Online Library, R.M. Perunovic, 1414
Simple and complex retraction systems for easier operations
EAES Online Library, Alberto Arezzo, 1412
Tactile sensing in laparoscopic instruments. Is there a benefit and is the technical complexity justified?
EAES Online Library, Marc O. Schurr, 1410
Reusable vs. Disposable: how safe is reusable?
EAES Online Library, K. Roth, 1409
Limits of minimally invasive technologies in daily practice
EAES Online Library, C. Grimbergen, 1408
Trocars: are they safe enough?
EAES Online Library, Leonid Lantsberg, 1411
Welcome from the Congress President
EAES Online Library, E. Leandros, 1406
Welcome from the Technology Committee Chairman
EAES Online Library, M. M. Lirici, 1405
Welcome from the EAES President
EAES Online Library, Gerhard Buess, 1453
Introduction of the Symposium
EAES Online Library, Nicola Di Lorenzo, 1407
O106 - One-Stage Laparoscopic Resection for Complicated Sigmoid Diverticulitis
EAES Online Library, M. Zdichavsky, 21762

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