Robotic bariatric surgery is the future
EAES Online Library. Vilallonga R. Jun 13, 2019; 272344 Topic: Robotics, Telesurgery and Virtual Reality
Dr. Ramon Vilallonga
Dr. Ramon Vilallonga
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Learning Objectives
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Understand the concept of robotic surgery applied to bariatric surgery
Understand results and procedures when dealing with robotic surgery
Understand the future technology
Understand Big data applied to bariatric surgery
Obesity surgery is a subspecialty within complex general surgery from a point of view of the management of the patients, their surgical treatment and their follow-up. New technologies and approaches such as laparoscopy, first, and now robotics have been used in search of a benefit for the patient from a safety point of view, greater postoperative comfort and complications. Robotic technology, younger than laparoscopic, shows results of its correct applicability and safety. However, there is little solid evidence yet for its systematic use in complex procedures such as in primary surgical and revision techniques for the treatment of obesity. In this article we intend to show some of the aspects of this technology in relation to obesity surgery, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as future options.
Key words: morbid obesity, robotic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, obesity surgery.

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